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  Baseball Videos & DVDís

The 59 Minute Baseball Practice is recognized as one of the most popular sports instructional videos in the world. It has been called the "bible of baseball instructional tools". As low as $1.99 to stream the whole video or own the DVD for $24.95.


Backyard Baseball Drills has been called the "most creative sports instructional video ever made." It introduces 30 of the best baseball drills youth players can do right in their own backyard using common household items. As low as $1.99 to view the complete video or own the DVD for $24.95.


Winning Baseball Strategies is made for the more competitive youth baseball coach and covers some of the best strategies used by some of the most successful youth baseball managers year in and year out. As low as $1.99 to view the complete video or own the DVD for $24.95.


Pitching Drills & Techniques explores the most fundamental aspects of throwing a baseball. This video has over 20 drills that will help players under 10 years of age become aware of the different parts of the body that are used when throwing a baseball.


Hitting Drills & Techniques is the most creative hitting video produced for the youth player. Simple explanations including a comprehensive breakdown of the swing, grip, stride, weight transfer & more. It contains over 20 creative drills to master hitting technique.


Baserunning & Bunting Drills. This video provides the most fundamental and creative baserunning & bunting techniques for the youth player. Coach Marty Schupak explores the two most underrated and under-taught aspects of youth baseball and shows how to get 1-2 extra runs per game.


Drills & Techniques For Catchers. Coach Marty Schupak has compiled some of the most effective catching techniques from many of the most successful youth and school coaches. Drills include blocking techniques, framing overview, a proper method of throwing down to second base, calling pitches, and much more.


Fielding Drills & Techniques. Coach Marty Schupak has compiled some his most successful fielding drills along with the correct techniques that parents and youth coaches can teach their players. Some of the skills covered in the video include: Ground Ball Techniques, Backing Up, Fly Ball Techniques, Forehand & Backhand Tips, Communication Techniques, Creative Drills, Correcting Common Fielding Mistakes, Bonus Tips.

  Basketball Videos & DVDís

48 Championship Basketball Drills was put together with the help of one of the most successful high school basketball coaches in the US. There are 48 drills including over 20 of the most popular shooting drills, which are perfect for new or experienced youth coaches, PAL coaches, and school coaches. As low as $1.99 to view the complete video or own the DVD for $24.95.


Driveway Basketball Drills includes more than thirty basketball drills that can be practiced in any driveway. The video highlights shooting, passing, ball-handling, and defensive drills, as well as offensive moves. The video also includes valuable technique-improving games for the players.

  Soccer Videos & DVDís

Championship Soccer Drills is the most popular soccer video in the world! The video hopes to make soccer practice sessions more stimulating and fun, with more drills and routines than you can shake a leg at. This video contains over 50 drills that can be used for individuals or teams, ages 8-18. This video is used by recreational, travel, high school, and even college coaches.


Backyard Soccer Drills contains more than 50 creative backyard drills for the youth soccer athlete. Real game situations, along with various fun soccer games that highlight the essential drills and techniques, can now be practiced in the comfort of one's own backyard. As low as $1.99 to view the complete video or own the DVD for $24.95.


34 Soccer Goalie Drills provides creative drills that some of the best soccer goalkeepers in the world use to polish their skills. Utilizing drills from the best soccer coaches in the world, this DVD is for soccer goalkeepers of all ages. As low as $1.99 to view the complete video or own the DVD for $24.95.


Soccer Shooting Drills demonstrates more than 30 creative, fun, and technical shooting drills for youth soccer athletes dedicated to perfecting and enhancing their shooting fundamentals. A must-have for any parent, youth soccer coach, or athlete.


Soccer Fast Footwork Drills provides some of the most creative individualized offensive skills of the game, including basic and advanced footwork drills for shaking defenders, as well as developing ball control, which will lead to more scoring opportunities in games. As low as $1.99 to view the complete video or own the DVD for $24.95.


Advanced Soccer Drills Advanced Soccer Drills provides some of the most challenging and creative drills for the experienced and advanced player. Many of the drills in this video are used by some of the most competitive players and teams in the world. As low as $1.99 to view the complete video or own the DVD for $24.95.

  Golf Videos & DVDís

Backyard Golf DVD addresses some of the most important golfing techniques that can be practiced right in your own backyard. These fun creative drills are guaranteed to shave strokes off of your score whether you are a beginner youth athlete or an experienced pro. As low as $1.99 to view the complete video or own the DVD for $24.95

  Hockey Videos & DVDís

Championship Hockey Drills provides some of the most creative drills and techniques used by successful coaches around the world. Coach Marty Schupak, with the help of former pros Nate & Bo Leslie, explore the most efficient time management theories and the best ways to run a hockey practice with limited ice time and space. As low as $1.99 to view the complete video or own the DVD for $24.95

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